The MAIGOODIE$ Interview

The MAIGOODIE$ Interview

Food, Travel, and Events all on the same blog? Sign us up! For our latest #SheGotSole: The Blog Series we talked style and kicks with lifestyle blogger Maigoodies. Whether she's hopping boroughs or on the go in other countries, the "Always eating and never home" writer has a serious liking for comfy kicks and cozy girl style. Check out the interview below! 

Name: Mariel, Mai, Maigoodies (people have called me all 3) 

Where are you from? Downtown Jersey City

Instagram: @MAIGOODIES

What's your favorite sneaker?

Air Jordan 1s - all time favorite

VaporMax - current favorite


The Quoys Collection Interview

The Quoys Collection Interview

Sneakers & Art? Why not? Quoya keeps it fresh with digital and hand painted sneaker art. Check out her interview below. 

Where are you from?
I'm from Jersey Shore -- Asbury Park, to be exact.

Instagram: @QuoysCollection

What's your favorite sneaker? Why?
This question isn't really fair.. I have A LOT of fav sneaks!!! When I think back, my first loves were the Air Jordan 13 and the Air Max 97. It was love at first sight for me. I've always been into the design aspect of the sneakers. I can remember at a young age...

The KicksNTricks Interview

The KicksNTricks Interview

Birthed by creativity, mothered by style, raised by fashion, in a relationship with envy, given a pair of kicks and sent out to the world......this is The KicksNTricks Interview!

Name: "Chelle" 🐚 Short for Michelle 

Instagram: @kicksntricks

Where are you from? Born in Kenya raised in Brooklyn

What's your favorite sneaker? Why? Favorite sneaker thats tough. It depends on my current style vibe, a look I'm carrying, or a old copping memory. I have to give it to the classics though; Retro Jordans, Air Forces, Cortez, SB Dunks. I've always had a thing for old school basketball sneakers as well,...

The Scottie Beam Interview

The Scottie Beam Interview

  You may know her from her days at Hot 97 or maybe you've heard her dropping gems on The Black Girl Podcast, but did you know that Deanii is also one bad ass sneakerhead? Also known as Scottie Beam, Deanii shared some of her favorite kicks and styling tips in our interview below. 


Name: Scottie Beam

Where are you from? Bronx NY & Piscataway NJ

Instagram: Scottiebeam

What's your favorite sneaker? My favorite sneaker is ferris bueller's SB joints & snake skin 11s

Why? The SB Ferris Buellers joints were so clean and...

The Dana Maria Interview

The Dana Maria Interview

Stylist, photographer, and one dope sneaker chick! Check out our interview with the lovely Dana Maria below!

Instagram: @Flipit

Where are you from? Baltimore

What's your favorite sneaker? Why? Favorite sneakers is a hard question because I tend to dress in moods but if had to choose one it would probably be Nike Air Max 90 "infrared" they are the only pair of kicks that I've brought multiple times in the same color combination. You can't go wrong with them, they can be worn with anything.

What do you think of the current state of...