The B. Will Interview Pt. II

As our birthday quickly approaches we decided to catch up with our Owner & Buyer B. Will. Check out the details on what’s to come and more in our interview below.

Your 1 year anniversary is approaching. Was your first year everything you expected It to be? I would be lying if I said yes. It was fun, it was frustrating, there were highs, and there were lows. But more wins than losses since we made it a year with so much more still in store!

SoleSense released a lot of dope sneakers this past year, which pair were your ultimate fav? It’s a 3 way tie between the Mint 95’s “Easter Egg Joints” because I was so hype about the color and feed back on them. The Flower Canvas Stan Smith. The details on them were so crazy. Then the matching track suits were every where. Lastly the UpStep Warrior Sneaker Boot. I sat on these shoes for so long! I purchased a personal pair in burgundy and all of my friends hated them until I wore them. So when the black ones dropped I was like oh we’re definitely carrying these!

What was one of the biggest things you’ve learned about yourself over this past year? Self discipline is real! If you really want your business to succeed you have to lock in. You have to sacrifice a few vacations and a few birthday parties if you’re really trying to level up!

Describe the root of your love for sneakers, did you ever think your love would take you this far? I’ve always been a Sneaker girl. Worked in Sneaker stores all through high school & college and all my checks went to sneakers. I even tried to work real jobs from banking to restaurant management and still ended up back in sportswear at a management level. That’s when I realized I needed to explore more into a full time career in either visual merchandising or sportswear.

What are your hopes for SoleSense? What else can consumers look forward to from SoleSense? Storefront opportunities? Ultimately, yes, storefronts & expansion is the number 1 goal. Our current focus is getting our there and meeting our customers. Building that relationship and trust is what attracts loyal customers. So more pop ups in your favorite cities over the next year.

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                                             - Joy Francis 

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