The Chan-Lo Interview

When boss babes link up! This week’s Sneaker Crush needs no introduction. If you’re a chick that loves kicks you’ve most certainly came across Meet the Chief of Chic Channing also known as Chan Lo. Check out the interview as we talk favorite kicks and female sneaker culture.

Name: Channing aka Chan-Lo
Instagram: @callherchanlo/ @cnkdaily
Where are you from? Originally from Minneapolis, currently in Dallas, TX
What's your favorite sneaker? Why? 
Nike Cortez.  The Cortez is the first "big girl" shoe I received after I graduated from my L.A. Gear Lightups. LOL.  As an adult, I've found that I gravitate towards sneakers that are comfortable and versatile in their aesthetic.  I often ask myself, "Can I get a lot of wear out of this sneaker?", whenever I get ready to buy something. For me, the Cortez remains my favorite sneaker not only because I grew up with it but, because it still serves me well as an adult. And that price point is bomb. LOL.
What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture?
As the Founder/EIC over at CNKDaily, I get to see the growth of this first hand - which is pretty awesome to watch, IMO.  More women are finding a desire to grab a pair of sneaks (women's sneaker sales rose 37% last year) and it's fun to see novice collectors become more nuanced in the culture through our platform.  I also love seeing seasoned female collectors in the game (like KixieJixie, April Walker, Simply B, Jodi Rockstar, etc.) finally getting the recognition they deserve and continuing to champion the culture in a way that is really forcing us to have the conversations that need to be had.  I love seeing brands finally starting to cater to the female community BUT, I think there is a lot more to do. is a platform designed to be a voice that elevates, empowers, and serves women in what we like to call, "SneakHER Culture" so, I personally feel a responsibility to be honest about our experiences and help brands earn our dollars, not just because they have a dope release but, because they are actively trying to understand the female consumer.  I still think we get the short end of the stick when it comes to certain things but, I'm optimistic. Brands are starting to see that we drive trends and we spend on items that we connect with. Hopefully this will help shift the perspective and promote some real equality.
 Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe? LOL. The real question is how don't I? LMBO! I wear sneakers every day. I'll usually pair an Upstep with a slack and a nice blouse or a cute dress with a pair of Superstars when I hit my day job. When I'm off, I love grabbing high-waisted jeans or leggings and pairing them with sleek simple silhouettes like the Pre Montreal Racer or the Blazer Low.  Slides in the summer, because I live in Texas, are absolutely essential. And, you can usually catch me in a Cortez or a colorful pair of kicks with a muted wardrobe.  I'm become pretty good at dressing up my sneaks because I'm in them all the time.
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