The Ashley Hall Interview

If you’ve been quarantining with SS and you’ve checked out our IGTV Series Sick Kicks w/ B. Will you’re familiar with our Beauty & Sneaks fav Ashley Hall also known as CURLSFOTHEGIRLS. In continuation with our Sick Kicks chat; we talk collabs and women in sneaker culture with Ashley below. 

Name & Instagram: My name is Ashley & my Instagram is @imashleyhall.
Where are you from? I'm from the Bronx, NY.
What’s your all time favorite pair of sneakers and why? My all time favorite pair of sneakers are the Chicago 2s. I think this is when i really fell in love with sneakers and it's a very slept-on shoe. The silhouette reminds me of a little moon boot, which I love lol.
As the sneaker business evolves, how do you feel about the progress women have made in sneaker culture? I feel that it's such a slow progress for women, especially Black women. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Black women have created and cultivated this style for so long; I just wish we got our due credit. However, I am happy to know so many Black women who are passionate about sneaker culture; I just wish there were more opportunities for us.
If you could orchestrate any sneaker collab, who would you like to see work together? To be honest, I don't know who I'd wanna see work together. However, I'd definitely say give it to Black women for the collab because I know it's gonna be some fire. I do know, for me to be fully invested, it would have to be with Nike. I'm slightly biased lol
What style tips would you give to the ladies that have a hard time putting looks together with sneakers? This really depends, but I tend to do mini fashion shows at home lol. Sometimes, you just have to grab a few pairs of kicks and items that you like from your closet and play dress up to see what goes together. You also have to be very honest with yourself in the process. Also looking for inspiration on Instagram can help. Pinterest is another great resource as well, very underutilized I will say. I also have a very active imagination, so sometimes I see a look come together in my mind and go from there. I'm pretty knowledgeable about the pieces I have, so I can put things together in my mind and adjust if necessary.
Keep up with the new Fenty ambassador on her YouTube Channel where she talks Beauty & Sneaks at
If you haven’t already check out Sick Kicks w/ B. Will on our IGTV.

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