The Dana Maria Interview

Stylist, photographer, and one dope sneaker chick! Check out our interview with the lovely Dana Maria below!

Instagram: @Flipit

Where are you from? Baltimore

What's your favorite sneaker? Why? Favorite sneakers is a hard question because I tend to dress in moods but if had to choose one it would probably be Nike Air Max 90 "infrared" they are the only pair of kicks that I've brought multiple times in the same color combination. You can't go wrong with them, they can be worn with anything.

What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture? I love it! The boys in "the industry" are finally paying attention to us. Women are designing and releasing their own shoes and clothing collections. I would like to see more articles in magazines written about or by women in sneaker culture but, we are finally making some noise out here. 

Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe? Honestly since I left my 9-5 job almost a year ago I wear sneakers more than anything else. If I'm being completely honest I genuinely just love shoes. However, now that I'm freelancing as a stylist and recommitting myself to picking my camera back up I am able to be me every day that I wake up and my wardrobe is no longer driven by the corporate world. So, I now wake with the thought where am I'm going today? What do I want to wear, camo kicks, some limited editions, Dunk Sky Hi "wedges" or go old school with some Reebok pumps? Oh yeah I guess I could put a pair of shoes on too!

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Daniel A

Been a fan of Dana’s work for over 5 years…… Definitely one of the best in the Style industry. Her unique blends of fashion sense is dope, using inspirations from all over the world with a blend of high fashion, urban, military, and European style trends. Creating a unique look with precision! And let’s not forget the SHOES!! Why we call her The Sneaker god.

Christina Malcom

A spirit of multiple fashion statements & knowledge within blossoms for the world to see. Not only does she wake up thinking “where to go today” she also succeed in finding art where she go while being an icon in the making. She is a great example of doing what you feel even all while everyone else say its impossible for she knows anything is possible. #Im-Possible #DanaRocks #ArtIsWithinHer #SheBelievesInSelfSoSheConquered #Peace✌Love?Happiness


Great interview! You inspire my sole;) Keep em’ coming…you’re a star!

Dorian M Houston

Swag like no other… I love your style… All i can say is “e pluribus unum”


Dope blog…bomb pics…I love it!!!

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