The I.Love.Jamar Interview

“Own a rack of Jordan’s but don’t sport ‘em cause she love her pumps” describes this week’s #SneakerCrush to a T! Check out our interview with up and coming menswear designer Sari below. 



Name & Instagram: Sari - 


Where are you from? Baltimore,MD


What's your favorite sneaker? Why?

Currently the flyknit vapormax—-I have the flattest feet and they are super comfortable. Not to mention the colorways they offer are out of this world...super vibrant! 



What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture?

I think women are opting for comfort more than ever, especially with the influx of women being more into street wear. In this era we are able to pull off wearing a skirt, with an Adidas T-shirt, denim jacket & fedora hat paired with a bomb lipstick & sneakers but still manage to be fashionable. 



How do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe?

Because my current rotation of sneakers are Stan Smith’s, Cortez’, Vans and Vapormax I am able to finesse several looks—whether it be a completely sporty look to run errands or business casual for work. 




What style tips would you give to the ladies that don’t know how to wear sneakers?

I would recommend to search for a style and color that best matches your personality. Some women may prefer a simple colored shoe while others may want platforms. I’ve always been into statement pieces and feel shoes can make or break an outfit. I prefer bright colored shoes. From there I will choose an outfit based on the style and color of the shoe. Ironically as much as I love sneakers, I have just as many heels as I do sneakers solely because it is important for me to alternate between the two at times, just to assure my feet do not get accustomed to only flat surfaces. In my opinion the most exciting part of buying sneakers is when you’re able to cop a pair from a limited release and then go on social media just to see all the ways other people are wearing them. For starters you’re excited you managed to cop a pair but secondly it’s inspiring to see so many people do their own thing based on their personal styles. So I say all that to say...there is no right or wrong way to style long as you are happy, solely have fun with it💛.



Be sure to keep up with I.Love.Jamar and her new clothing line @shopajhassan on IG.


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