The KicksNTricks Interview

Birthed by creativity, mothered by style, raised by fashion, in a relationship with envy, given a pair of kicks and sent out to the world......this is The KicksNTricks Interview!

Name:Ā "Chelle" šŸš Short for MichelleĀ 

Instagram: @kicksntricks

Where are you from?Ā Born in Kenya raised in Brooklyn

What's your favorite sneaker? Why?Ā Favorite sneaker thats tough. It depends on my current style vibe, a look I'm carrying, or a old copping memory. I have to give it to the classics though; Retro Jordans, Air Forces, Cortez, SB Dunks. I've always had a thing for old school basketball sneakers as well, Pennies, Barkley's, Tempo's. As I'm getting older trainers have been fitting in my looks and everyday wear.

What do you think of the current state of female Sneaker culture?Ā The female sneaker culture has evolved a great deal. Coming from a time when not all retros were produced in kids sizes and finding a size 6/7 mens in a release was a hustle. I took great pride in my purchasing ventures and personal collection growing up. It was a personal connection to each shoe because there was always a great story or relationship created made behind it. Today it's pretty much open season; I have a love/dislike feel on it because it's nice to see more females comfortable and giving looks around a sneaker showing their personality. You can also tell a lot about the female's true feel on her footwear by how she rocks it or how she reacts when asked about her kicks. The dislike part comes in because it's become a "fad" more than an actual passion. It's more of a who you know, where you Ā can get them, and what they are versus actually knowing the details in design/designer, reason behind the shoe and or release etc. It's the lack of knowledge and history we now so casually over look just to say "i got those". Footwear/Sneakers is someone's expression and creativity from the idea, reason, design, creation all the way down to the person purchasing to wear them. That part of the culture should never be forgotten.

Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe?Ā Sneakers are my wardrobe, I dress from the Feet up. My style changes based off of how I'm feeling or a look/vibe that inspired me that day. As long as my footwear is on point everything else falls in place.

Be sure to keep up with Chelle on Instagram and look out for her Lux Boutique opening soon @ The Museum DC.

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