The Kimee B Interview

Kicks, “High” fashion, & dope ass events, that’s just a sneak peek of what’s up cozy chick Kimee B’s sleeve! Check out our interview with the DC naitive as she drops some gems on how to style multiple looks with 1 pair of kicks. 

Name: Kimee B., Co-Founder & Creative Director of @PinkStoneDC

Instagram: @kimeebrown

Where are you from? Washington, D.C.

What's your favorite sneaker? Why? Currently I’m obsessed with my bronze Airmax 97s. First, I couldn’t believe I was paying $200 for running shoes but all it took was one compliment from a stranger and I was quickly reminded how great of a shoe they were. I’m also a repeat offender, meaning I will wear the same piece over and over again. However I usually switch it up. I’m currently in a space in my life where I dread shopping. One of my friends dragged me to the mall to get last minute fashion for our trip to Bali but she made sure to ask me 2 weeks prior giving me time to wrap my head around going to an effin mall, lol! Spoiler Alert, I came up on a the cutest pink tee with graphic images of rappers and dogs so it was totally worth it!

What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture? I love the fact that women are getting sneaker deals. Especially cool women pushing the culture like Aleali May x Jordan, Rihanna & Puma, or Teyona Taylor & Adidas. I really want a pair of Aleali May’s Jordan 1, it’s like the female version of what Virgil created with his Jordan x Off-White collaboration. Respect.

Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe? I’m a cozy babe that likes dressing my kicks up and down. For instance, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see at least 10 post of my bronze Airmax 97s styled different ways from a pink monochrome two-piece linen suit look, to a yellow Diane von Furstenberg linen dress paired with a moto jacket and all the way down with a pair of sweats and a vintage fur! I’ll hit the joint and think of 100 ways to style the my current wardrobe because there are no limits and that’s the beauty of actually having personal style! Okuurrrrr

Continue to get higher with Kimee and check out (@pinkstonedc). 

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