The MissCarlaViolet Interview

From fashion to food this week’s feature has us covered. SS talks fits and kicks with Lifestyle Vlogger & Hong Kong native Carla Violet. Check out our interview below.

Name: Carla Florendo

Instagram: @misscarlaviolet

Where are you from? I'm from Macau. It's a small city just outside China and Hong Kong

What's your favorite sneaker? Why?  I don't have a particular favourite as I just love sneakers in General. But if I had to pick one, perhaps it's the AirMax97 Silver Bullet because it's a classic and it's versatile. I find it really easy to style.


What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture? I think that the community is still really small and honestly, I feel that a lot of women are still afraid to be comfortable in sneakers because of what society expects of us. For instance, in the business world, women are required to wear heels to look presentable or else they can't be taken seriously - at least that's what we've always been told. It's like wearing heels makes you pretty and society in general always expects women to be pretty. But I love that I'm seeing more and more women are adapting to the sneaker culture and really just changing their perspective on what society expects us to be.


Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe? I wear sneakers almost 90% of the time so I have a modest but growing collection. Usually, I decide on which pair I want to wear for that day and then build the outfit around that pair.

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