The MrsTeriyaki Interview

Mrs. Teriyaki, or to one of her lucky followers Mrs. BlueTintClaus, the U.K Sneaker lover and NiceKicks writer talked favorite kicks & female sneaker culture with SS on our latest install of #SheGotSole: The Blog Series. 


Name: Hannah Rodway AKA @MrsTeriyaki

Where are you from? England, United Kingdom

Instagram: @MrsTeriyaki
What's your favorite sneaker? Why? Always a tough question! Right now the Air Force 1 just tips it for me. Absolutely loving all the triple white renditions recently and how well they go with every outfit. It’s such an underrated silhouette in the sneaker community, I’m so glad Nike showed it so much love this year.

What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture?  2017 has been a big year for the girls; to see projects like the Aleali May Jordan 1s has really birthed something for us. I see more and more ladies stunting fresh sneakers and enjoying wearing what makes them comfortable and cozy. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for us, I think this is just the beginning.
Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe? Like most sneaker heads, I dress from the feet up. All my apparel is tailored around my sneaker collection and how they can work together, so wearing them all day every day isn’t a problem. It’s funny how it’s come full circle because this is what I used to always wear as a kid.

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