The Quoys Collection Interview

Sneakers & Art? Why not? Quoya keeps it fresh with digital and hand painted sneaker art. Check out her interview below. 

Where are you from?
I'm from Jersey Shore -- Asbury Park, to be exact.

Instagram: @QuoysCollection

What's your favorite sneaker? Why?
This question isn't really fair.. I have A LOT of fav sneaks!!! When I think back, my first loves were the Air Jordan 13 and the Air Max 97. It was love at first sight for me. I've always been into the design aspect of the sneakers. I can remember at a young age paying attention to the details. The 90's was a good decade for sneakers actually; there were so many hot designs coming out and my eyes were glued. The Jordan 13 always reminded me of an animal; the holagram, the sole, and the quilted upper made my imagination run wild. I soon found out I was right about the design, and grew a bigger fan of Air Jordan, learning more about the stories behind the sneakers when I got older. The 13 isn't the most comfortable sneaker for me, but I still love how they look.

As for the Air Max 97 I can remember all the girl with the anklet wearing them and I had just got my own anklet and "I'm like mom can I get those"? She wasn't doing that. They were too expensive, but I was so attracted to the wavy line on the upper, how the bubble took up most of the sole, and even the shape of the sneaker sitting all by its lonesome just looked so good!

What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture?
Its growing slowly but surely. More females are being vocal within the community and more variety is being shown. The sneaker brands are FINALLY remembering there are other girls that don't like just pink and purple. We still have a long way to go. We need to see a lot more variety of females in kicks to get more variety in sneakers I think. It's still a male dominated community. We have to show more of us supporting each other, and show more action from us instead of being just cute, sexy, sultry models. The more action from us the more people will see, we need more designs for us, and hopefully designed by us.

How do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe?
I like to switch things up, I love variety, since I'm getting "older" I'm somewhat straying away from the basketball sneakers. I never played basketball, but loved how they would look on my feet and I'm usually a t-shirt and jeans type of girl. But when I like to switch it up, get cute or fancy, I like to include other casual kicks, with skirts, dress or something a lil more lady like 😊

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