The Shenae Curry Interview

I’m sure if you have Twitter you’ve seen “Shennessy” pop up on your timeline. Meet Shenae Curry; Host, Media Personality, and Culture Influencer. Check out our interview with Shennessy also known as Shenae Curry. Learn about how to wear sneakers just about anywhere slaying the cozy & fashionable look.

Name: Shenae Curry

Instagram: @shenaecurry

Where are you from? Brooklyn, NY; roots in the Caribbean

What's your favorite sneaker? Why? I went through a huge huaraches phase when they "came back" so it's a mix between the Hyper Punch Huaraches & my Ewing 33 Hi Jamaica joints. I couldn't afford them when they came out so I had to think of the perfect pitch to ask my grandma to help. It was pretty easy since she's a Jamaican Knick fan who knew exactly who Patrick Ewing was.

What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture? If you would've asked me this time a year or 2 ago, I would've been a little iffy. A lot of us would just wear the GS size of whatever comes out for men or be limited to a bunch of pinks & baby blues. Since then I've seen a lot more coming out in women's sizes or designs being specifically catered to women and it's beautiful. More women are being let in on the creative meetings so I just hope it progresses and greatness comes through. I hope one day I'll get to design a sneaker too!

Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe? In just about every way! I'm sickening when it comes to sneakers, my homegirls are sick of me because I'll come to a club in sneakers without a care in the world. I'm all about being cozy & fashionable at the same time & there's nothing like a sneaker to compliment that.


Be sure to catch up w/ Shenae on Twitter as well (@ShenaeCurry). If you so happen to be in NYC check Ms. Curry out at "On The Rocks: Throwback At Noon" A Happy Hour Series @ 333 Lounge.

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