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Familiar with the dope Puma Fenty Stap Creeper art above? Maybe you’ve came across the Miss Bish or Blavity: Meet The Creators Interview featuring the artist herself. If not we’ve got you covered! Meet the bad ass illustrator and fly chick Laci Jordan. Artist, graphic designer, and creative director are just a few of the hats Laci wears as she welcomes us in her uncensored creative space Check out our interview with Ms. Jordan below. Trust she had some sh*t to say!  


Name: Laci Jordan

Where are you from? Huntsville, Alabama currently residing in Los Angeles

Instagram: @solacilike

What's your favorite sneaker?

This question is always a tough one. I’m a Jordan Brand girl at heart, always have been always will be. I’m the youngest and the only girl so I grew up around guys who would always rock the freshest pairs of Jordan’s. With that being said my favorites are Jordan Xs, Jordan 1s, and Jordan IIIs

Staying in the Nike family a strong second is the Air Force 1. In my opinion, it’s one of the most versatile designs. I’ve seen so many color waves that are successful and the icy whites are a must have in my collection (and you can basically pair them with anything). Even though I don’t own a pair (yet) the style of the Special Force AF1s are super dope as well. High top forces in general tend to give me this “ready for action” “unstoppable” feeling.

What do you think of the current state of female sneaker culture?

What a time to be alive! Lol. But seriously, it’s a very interesting time for women in streetwear. There’s a whole cozy movement happening where I’m seeing more and more women expressing themselves stylistically through sneakers and cozy apparel.
Thanks to social media it’s easier to find those people and build like-minded communities.

Like most industries there’s still a huge political part to it. In order to get certain kicks or be recognized in certain circles/places it still depends on who you know. While things are definitely changing brands are still male dominated – we’re still seeing women half naked in dunks as a primary form of marketing. Which, no shade because there IS a market for that but there’s still the notion that in order to feel sexy in sneakers you should pair them with nudity.

We all know there’s an issue with women having access to the same sizes and color waves as men – I also think this is something that is slowly starting to change. There’s also more women in the designer seats at major brands and more collaborations with women that are highly successful.

One last thing, we definitely need more women of color in the room.

Lastly, how do you incorporate sneakers into your daily wardrobe?

I love to wear sneakers with multiple styles of clothing vs sticking to streetwear apparel. For instance, if I’m going to an event that’s dressy casual I’ll wear a dress, lace socks, and a fresh pair of sneakers. The lace and dress give it a classy touch and the sneakers keep me comfortable. I love being versatile and finding ways to change the tone of my outfits by wearing sneakers – going outside of jeans and a tee is key for me. I’m also a sucker for color and combining bold palettes.

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