The Tashia B Interview

For some people, sneakers are art. If you’ve heard about or attended The Sneaker Exhibit, you know all about the perfect marriage between sneakers and art. SS had a chance to chat with cozy girl & The Sneaker Exhibit curator Tashia B. Check out Tashia’s favorite kicks, collabs, style inspo, and more below. 

Name & Instagram:
Tashia Bagwell aka @_tashiab curator or @thesneakerexhibit
Where are you from? Baltimore, MD

What’s your all time favorite pair of sneakers and why? My all time favorite sneaker is the Jordan 1 Chicago. It’s one of my first memories as a child watching Jordan play b-ball with my father (who was also a huge Jordan fan) I mean who wasn’t though.

As the sneaker business evolves, how do you feel about the progress women have made in sneaker culture? I see brands are recognizing the power and influence that women have on the sneaker culture. I love following so many women that not only know the sneaker culture but are actively making sure that our voices are heard in terms of representation, designs, marketing etc. We (women) have come so far. The past present and future has been and will always be female. I’m excited for what’s to come.
If you could orchestrate any sneaker collab, who would you like to see work together? I love to see Tracee Ellis Ross collab with Reebok. Both are iconic and classic in their own respective ways.
What style tips would you give to the ladies that have a hard time putting looks together with sneakers? I first would be comfortability, second, whatever grabs your attention get it. Don’t worry about what others are wearing or not buying. I typically wear black so sneakers tend to stand out. Be expressive in your own way.

If you haven’t already, grab your tickets for the next Sneaker Exhibit on May 9th in Baltimore! Check out Tashia on Monday Midsole on YouTube where she talks kicks and more about The Sneaker Exhibit. 

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