The Ticara Devone Interview

From features with CNK Daily, Footlocker, & Jordan Brand, style editor Ticara Devone has you covered when it comes to fly fits and the latest kicks! We talk all time favorite kicks and style tips in our interview below. 

Name + Instagram
My name is Ticara Devone and my Instagram handle is @TicaraDevone as well. 
Where are you from? 
I am from the Westside of Chicago

What’s your all time favorite pair of sneakers and why? 
My all time favorite sneaker is the Nike Air Force 1 Low in Triple White. I've been getting a pair of these shoes for as long as I can remember. It was always a staple for me to have a fresh pair heading back to school for the year. My mom or grandmother kept me with a fresh pair, it was either those or a pair of Air Max 90  triple white. The sneaker goes with everything from casual wear to formal wear and will forever be a staple in my wardrobe/rotation.
As the sneaker business evolves, how do you feel about the progress women have made in sneaker culture?
I know we like to talk about how much of a male dominated industry it is but we've seen a lot of change come in the past few years. Let's look at Jordan Brand for instance. We now have a full line of clothing made just for us, we no longer have to grab a hoodie from the mens section because the brand is now creating for us. There are teams of women working hard to change the narrative for us at these brands and we have to give props where they are due. I'm excited for the future of women, the future is very bright. 

If you could orchestrate any sneaker collab, who would you like to see work together? 

If it couldn't be myself and the swoosh or Jordan Brand. I would like to see someone like Beth Gibbs of Union LA or June Ambrose, Those are in my top 5 of women I would like to see collaborate. June Ambrose is a living legend and has worked with so many icons in the music business and film industry. She's so quirky and different and I would love to see something created from a stylist's eyes, I can only imagine the materials she would mix together. Someone to push the edge.
What style tips would you give to the ladies that have a hard time putting looks together with sneakers?
I would tell them to look for inspiration, maybe make yourself a moodboard on your Pinterest account. What are you drawn to? Is it simple looks like a white tee and denim? Or is it something more bold like a crazy hat, blazer and plaid skirt? I think it's fun to play around and find out what it is that you like once you pin that down, find a way to recreate it. Everything doesn't have to be expensive, you can grab things from Target, H&M and Zara or shop your own closet. I'm still in search for a few staple pieces in my wardrobe as well, my mood is always changing and I think it's fun when my sneakers and outfit reflect that. 

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