The Yves Frost Interview

Yeeeerrrrrrr! We know we know it's definitely been too long, but we're back and we're better! So let's get to it! Need deets on the hottest kicks & the best eats in the city? Foodie & sneaker connoisseur Yves Frost has you covered! Check out our interview with Yves below.

Name & Instagram: My name is Tatiana, but I go by Yves Frost on Instagram. Yves Frost came from one of my favorite fashion designers Yves Saint Laurent and my last name, which is Frost.

Where are you from? I am from Harlem, NY.  

What’s your all time favorite pair of sneakers and why? This is a tough one, but I would have to say the Women’s Nike Air Max TL 98. I believe I was in the 5th or 6th grade during that time. I seen those in Footlocker and told my mom I have to get these for gym because I hadn’t seen anyone with them yet. After that I literally had every color way they released.

As the sneaker business evolves, how do you feel about the progress women have made in sneaker culture? I think the progress of women in the sneaker culture has made huge leaps and bounds. We went from Va$htie being the first female to have a Jordan in 2010 to having both Aleali May and Melody Eshani having a collab with the Jordan brand 10 years later. I feel like women are continuing to move the needle and companies are realizing that women are more than just the models on the billboards. We have a voice and are driving the business.

If you could orchestrate any sneaker collab, who would you like to see work together? This is a good question…Being from Harlem I would like to see a sneaker collab with Willie’s Burger and Nike. If you have watched “Paid In Full” you should know exactly what I am referencing. Even though, Willie’s Burger is no longer in business I feel that this sneaker collab would be fire with a Cortez silhouette.  

What style tips would you give to the ladies that have a hard time putting looks together with sneakers? The only style tips I have are to be you because you are the canvas and everything else is the medium. Style is art in motion and if you are confident in what you wear everything will speak for itself.

Unfortunately thanks to Ms. Rona the world is currently on pause but be sure to keep up with @yvesfrost on Instagram as she has so much more on the way in 2020!




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