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What Is SoleSense? 

SoleSense is the cozy girl that loves classic styles like the Stan Smith and Air Force 1's in original and limited color ways. SoleSense is the female sneakerhead who can debate retros over currents with the best of them. Simply put, we are a women's sneaker boutique here to bridge the gap between the woman sneaker lover, and the exclusives that just seem to be a needle in a haystack. SoleSense was created to keep every woman in mind and provide that customized shopping experience. A tailored experience that goes beyond an in depth description of each shoe, but also includes styling and how to wear tips as well 

Where We Are & Where We're Going

Yes, everything is online but what makes us different? SS is that one stop shop for exclusives and classics for women by women. From online, to pop up shops across America, to eventually a storefront; SoleSense is about connecting all cozy girls and female sneakerheads alike. 


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